Lipton Cup

Lipton Cup 2017 Branding

It is in the month of August that the esteemed and established Lipton Cup takes up the sails again. The Royal Cape Yacht Club hosts this event in the windy waters of Cape Town as they were the proud winners of last year’s event. We were asked to design the brochure, the poster and the trophies for the event, which you can see below. Our designs had to fit in with the current branding of this year’s Lipton Cup event as seen on the official website and keep the look and feel between the different items.

Graphic Design is a important tool in our arsenal to help market and brand such events.



WESSA Birthday celebrations intro

WESSA is the oldest nature conservation organisation in South Africa that was founded in 1926! Wessa stands for Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. They aim to ensure the long-term preservation of South Africa’s fauna and flora.

Thus it was with great joy that they celebrated their 90th birthday last year and wanted to send a message to all their staff, supporters and the people of South Africa.

So we helped WESSA to create a short message to the people and herewith is the creative photo slideshow that we helped put together to serve as an intro for the messages.

This example is a creative way in which to showcase photos or archives for interested viewers. Add a voice – over and a song and that’s it!

Happy Birthday!

Stock Photos ADA

Stock Photos – unique to your own establishment

There comes a day when the generic stock photos on the internet just doesn’t make the cut for the branding material a company needs to showcase what it does or liven up their marketing material. The everyday person nowadays, can spot a generic stock photo from a mile away.

This is when it makes sense to capture a company’s own stock photos that portrays your own establishment and that is unique to the company.

Such photos can be used for quite some time and can be used across a wide range of marketing material. For example – website visuals and branding, posters, booklets, pamphlets etc.

Professional photos will show your potential and current clients that your establishment is serious about their own brand and are proud to showcase to the world what they offer via their own uniquely applied stock photos.

Mi Pie brand

Mi Pie brand. Why not try Mi Pie?

The Mi Pie team asked to help them with a new brand that they are bringing to the market.  The following items were designed for the Mi Pie brand – letterheads, business cards, posters, stickers and of course the pie packet itself. Working with such a fun brand and people who are serious about their brand image was the ultimate pleasure. It is important to carry the look and feel of the brand right through all the elements and material in order for your customers to connect with the brand. Thank you Herman Photography for helping out with the models! Do you have your pie yet? Why not try Mi Pie!

Mi Pie brand
Mi Pie brand
Ear Institute

Ear Institute & Kyk-net “give back” initiative

Kyk-net was kind enough to sponsor little Johannes with a brand new hearing aid, fitted by the Bellville Ear Institute, after his grandmother entered the competition on his behalf. The whole family came along to witness the joy and excitement on his face and to hear the story told by the caring grandmother of how this amazing prize was won. Short videos like these are ideal to bring inspiring stories to your clients and/or potential clients and can be adapted for various means to an end.

Ear Institute


corporate marketing video

Corporate Marketing Video

When a company wants to show potential clients exactly what it is they do, there is no better way than showing it with a professional corporate marketing video. Yes, statistics, ROI’s, meetings and explaining can work in many instances. But if you want to add some Gummi Bear juice to the mix one should consider a short promotional video for the extra impact.

Because videos consists of moving imagery, sound and music, it has the potential to convey more than just information. It can actually convey emotions of trust, professionalism, and efficiency on a whole subconscious level to the viewer. I don’t need to tell you that many buying decisions are made on an emotional level in combination with rational thought processes.

This is exactly what the aim of this video was when we combined client service/product statistics with visuals to create this corporate marketing video for them.

Corporate marketing videos such as these ones can be used on websites or put on branded USB sticks (see below) to be handed out to potential clients to help seal the deal.

I’m talking too much, please go ahead and have a look…

corporate marketing video
Lifestyle Galaxy Banner design

Lifestyle Galaxy – a Professional showcase!

It’s once again time for the annual NSBC business expo at the CTICC in Cape Town where The Pixel Revelation was asked to design the Lifestyle Galaxy  Bitcoin Mining banner for the business expo where Andre and his team could now visually showcase their products and services to interested delegates. We worked closely with Andre and incorporated his ideas and message into this banner design.

A well designed banner that consists of both visually striking as well as informative content is a killer–combo that will draw the attention of potential customers at business expo’s and sticks out from the rest of the banners and stands. Banner design can also make room for extra’s such as TV screens and shelves for alternative display add-ons for bigger impact.

We are proud to announce that the Lifestyle Galaxy banner stand won the award for the best stand at this expo.

If you don’t believe me – have a look at the photos I took there and see what we can do for your brand or product.

Simonsvlei wine farm

Simonsvlei wine farm Promo Video

Simonsvlei wine farm is one of the leading South African wineries in the beautiful Cape Boland area. Simonsvlei wine farm produce and bottle wines on site that gets distributed all over the world. Since a lot of their clients are from countries that do not know much about South African wines and its history, they thought it best to tell them a bit more in this visual way. Simonsvlei wine farm’s promotional video tells the story to their local and international clients.

Promotional web videos can tell a story much better than just text and photos and the possibilities are endless as to how to go about telling this visual story. Have a look and see what can be done. Enjoy!

Special thanks for the help of Anna J Nel Photography, Riaan from SkyPixels and Steven von Schlicht.

Property photography marketing

Property Photography Marketing

Today, the importance of visual marketing, by means of integration with professional property photography are paramount to making the sales you want, when you want as well as showing your clients that you are serious about your professional brand.

Some estate agents still manage to sell their houses with cellphone cameras and underexposed photos. But what damage is being done to their brand? Remember, the estate agent’s “shopfront” (the first interaction a brand has with a client) is the print add or website that will list the property to potential buyers. Thus what harm are you doing to your brand, when you have unprofessional photos hitting your client square in the face?

Professional photographs are step one in marketing a property for sale or for rent. And bad photos will equate to a bad start. And remember, the more bad it looks with regards to the condition/look/feel of the property – the more you need a professional approach to capture the property in the best way possible.

Contact us to find out about our property photography packages and how it can help your band.


dark chocolate

Dark chocolate cake in a parade

As a man who loves eating, I won’t say no to taking a few photos of food that I can eat afterwards – especially if it is this lovely dark chocolate dessert prepared by Chef Jaco from Yoco Eatery. He plated the same ingredients in different ways which we captured in the photos below. For you who are interested in perhaps attempting to make this yourself, here are more details:

Dark chocolate cake, salted caramel cream, yogurt buttermilk granita, candied beetroot, coconut gel, liquorice meringue, marinated raspberries. For the full recipe – visit Cook Niche to make your own dark chocolate dessert.

Sweeten the deal

One should not underestimate the powerful tool that is professional photography to help showcase your product / service for your potential clients. Perhaps you can throw in this dessert to sweeten the deal!