• "Showcase"

    Show the world what you offer

  • "Communicate"

    Tell your story visually

  • "Capture"

    “capture the essence of your brand and it’s message”

  • "Visualise"

    See the world differently.

  • "Imagine"

    Many possibilities for your brand

  • "Create"

    Combine creative elements into one

Your Visual Solution

We draw inspiration and skills from different contributors in order to provide our clients with professional and creative services and products. We are skilled in Photography, Videography, Illustration and Graphic Design. These are our tools of the trade that we use in combination to create online, screen and print content as well as ensuring a professional high end service and product. Have a look at what The Pixel Revelation can offer your establishment.


Professional Photography

We bring a project to life by means of our cameras and creative eye. Our passion is to capture the world around us and to make things look better through the lens.

Video Production

We specialise in small but powerfull productions, ranging from events coverage right through to marketing videos for social media display.


There’s no better way of getting a message across with visual means than by using illustration as part of the design package.

Graphic Design

The backbone to all visual products is a professional look and feel and the technical skills needed to get the artwork from the screen to object.

Multiple Fields of Expertise

We draw our inspiration and skills from various creative fields. This will ensure your end product works and looks good!

Excellent client relations and support.

Being a small business, things just happen quicker! We are not bound by the 9 -5, which makes us more flexible where it matters.

We are mobile.

We’re not location based.  We can do work mostly anywhere.

Some of our latest work:

Here you can see what we’ve been up to.

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