Property photography marketing

Hello picture is worth a 1000 words”. We’ve all heard that statement. I’d like to add to that: professional property photography is worth more than a 1000 Rands. Today, the importance of visual marketing are paramount to making the sales you want, when you want as well as showing your clients that you are serious about your professional brand.

Some estate agents still manage to sell their houses with cellphone cameras and underexposed photos. But what damage is being done to their brand? Remember, the estate agent’s “shopfront” (the first interaction a brand has with a client) is the print add or website that will list the property to potential buyers. Thus what harm are you doing to your brand, when you have unprofessional photos hitting your client square in the face?

Professional photographs are step one in marketing a property for sale or for rent. And bad photos will equate to a bad start. And remember, the more bad it looks with regards to the condition/look/feel of the property – the more you need a professional approach to capture the property in the best way possible.

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