Mayfair Wellness photo shoot

Mayfair Wellness Centre in Somerset West has been around for a while, but is currently going into a new phase. They recently launched their new look. This coincided with a new website, renovations and branding. As a contribution to the new look and feel, I was asked to do a group photo shoot to provide a few photographs to use in the marketing material. It was a great deal of fun – truly never a dull moment with the Mayfair team! The people at Mayfair are all experts in their different fields, from Ozone treatments, herbal medicine, yoga, and Tai Chi to the deliciously healthy deli. Be sure to visit Mayfair Centre to find the means to live a healthier life!

Cape Town Groom Shoot

A beautiful bride, an abundance of flowers, an idyllic wine farm – we’re all very familiar with this picture. This time we decided to cover a different angle and got up close and personal with the modern urban groom. Have a peak at how this contemporary gentleman gets ready for the big event. Because it’s not just the bride that takes pride in her appearance!  This exciting day was organised by Yolande Snyders from YSP who took the beautifull pictures below our video and the styling was done by Simone from  Yellow Papaya. We also want to thank Bloke’s Hair, Milame Handmade Design and Second Time Around for their support with the shoot. Watch the video and see for yourself!