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Industrial engineering – an exciting field of study at many a worthy university and in this case Stellenbosch University. How do they market their course? How do interested people and potential Stellenbosch students know what to expect or who’s involved? Well, they have their own website and pamphlets and student prospectus etc. But one crucial element that’s needed to spice things up is photographs or excellent graphics.

This is why this photography project was commissioned in order to provide them with a whole stock library that the Industrial Engineering department can use in their various marketing and communication mediums to showcase visually.

Such photographs make a handy tool in the arsenal of any establishment’s marketing, public relations or media department. Click here for another example of stock library photos for an establishment.

Stock Photos ADA

Stock Photos – unique to your own establishment

There comes a day when the generic stock photos on the internet just doesn’t make the cut for the branding material a company needs to showcase what it does or liven up their marketing material. The everyday person nowadays, can spot a generic stock photo from a mile away.

This is when it makes sense to capture a company’s own stock photos that portrays your own establishment and that is unique to the company.

Such photos can be used for quite some time and can be used across a wide range of marketing material. For example – website visuals and branding, posters, booklets, pamphlets etc.

Professional photos will show your potential and current clients that your establishment is serious about their own brand and are proud to showcase to the world what they offer via their own uniquely applied stock photos.

Mi Pie brand

Mi Pie brand. Why not try Mi Pie?

The Mi Pie team asked to help them with a new brand that they are bringing to the market.  The following items were designed for the Mi Pie brand – letterheads, business cards, posters, stickers and of course the pie packet itself. Working with such a fun brand and people who are serious about their brand image was the ultimate pleasure. It is important to carry the look and feel of the brand right through all the elements and material in order for your customers to connect with the brand. Thank you Herman Photography for helping out with the models! Do you have your pie yet? Why not try Mi Pie!

Mi Pie brand
deep sea trawling stock photos

Deep Sea Trawling stock photos

As an adventurous man, I could not turn down the opportunity when asked to go out on a deep sea trawler and capturing stock photos of the life of the fishermen and their work environment. One really gets a lot of respect for them when you witness first-hand how it is to live and work on the deep sea trawlers. Although commercial deep sea fishing has come a long way with regards to the technology used on the vessels, it still is an arduous job that comes with its set of dangers around every corner. Deep sea trawling is not for the faint hearted! Thanks to the captain and the crew for their hospitality and for their willingness to be documented.

Stock photos like these are ideal for a company to have in their arsenal of marketing material. The reasons are that the company can use these photos on their website, brochures, banner and even in the foyer to show clients and customers what they do and how they do it.

Construction photography

Construction Stock photography

This construction company asked me to take some stock photography photos of their operations and tools so that it can be used in future marketing and branding related projects.

The photographs were used in a promotional booklet, e-flyer, and their website – truly a very useful tool to be used in promotional material.

Do you perhaps have a construction company? Renovating services? Building contractor? You want to show your clients what you do or have done in the past. But alas, you only have your old cellphone photos of the operations. Sorry, not good enough. Have a look at these photos that we can offer your company. These photos can be used on websites, corporate folders, flyers, signage boards etc.

If you offer professional services – why not showcase it professionally?