CY Market 2019

CY Market 2019 @ Stoneshed

The iconic CY Market was again to be seen at the Stoneshed on a Durbanville farm only a few kilometers outside the town. It has become such a success over the years that it has attracted countless visitors on the week of festivities held on this beautiful country scene.

A true feast for the eyes, ears, stomach and the thirst.

This video showcases only a glimpse of all the market has to offer, ranging from décor, clothing, artisan shoes, jewellery and items for children. There’s also more than enough food and beverage options for the hungry ones as well as ample activities for the little ones!

Click play and CY!

Herewith another example of our event coverage.

Metro Pie

Brand Identity and marketing from scratch

Starting a new brand or business can be a daunting task. You will need a range of corporate stationary and marketing material to market your products to your potential clients.

This is exactly what we did for this new brand when we designed a whole range of marketing material, ranging from the logo, posters, window displays and television menu displays.

Please have a look at a few of the items that was designed and made.

Metro Pie

Jini Bikini’s Girls Beach House Day

These videos were probably in the top 10 fun videos that we filmed and produced. These video showcase the unique bikini’s from the Jini Bikini customizable range on the three models who had a lot of fun parading them whilst enjoying the summer day in and around the stunning house.

One bikini piece can be worn in countless creative ways either as a top or bottom piece. They fit all sizes and look sexy on any girl.

If you like what you see, please have a look at the options available on their website: and follow them on Instagram to see the bikini’s in action: @jinibikinis

We had a great team on this video and excellent hosts. Special thanks to Anna Nel from Nova films for second shooting as well as our photographer and assistant Francois. I also want to thank the girls for working in front of the camera and Jacques for hosting us.


STERG – Solar Thermal Energy Research Group Promo Video

The STERG post graduate research group is part of the engineering department at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. They were in need of showcasing what they do in a visual way by means of a promo video, using photos and videos that they have on file. This is what we came up with.

Building Photography

Building Photography

Building photography is quite an overlooked element for many construction companies when it comes to their marketing strategy.  If your establishment created a piece of art, it should be treated as such. Just taking pictures with the site manager’s cellphone camera does not do these kind of projects justice. Documenting projects such as this exceptional building construction project in Cape Town professionally, immortalizes the project and can be used to market to future clients.

Construction and building photographs can be used for social media marketing platforms such as Facebook or Instagram posts and is a good way to showcase to the world what you can do. If you offer professional services and products – why not showcase it professionally?

Even building processes can make interesting subject matter for online content, such as this roofing project.

CY market 2018

CY Market 2018 @ Stoneshed

Once again, the CY Market exceeded all expectations when it was hosted at the Stoneshed on a Durbanville farm only a few kilometres from the town. Not even a rain shower on the first day stopped hundreds of visitors from browsing this famous yearly market which has become an annual Durbanville event for many residents in the area and surrounds.

This year’s theme for the CY market was “Patterns”. The theme was carried through in the stalls and decor and a lot of effort has been put in to make sure this market is a feast for the eyes.

This video showcases only a glimpse of all the market has to offer, ranging from décor, clothing, artisan shoes, jewellery and items for children. There’s also more than enough food and beverage options for the hungry ones as well as ample activities for the little ones!

Click play and CY!

Herewith another example of our event coverage.

Corporate Identity Development

Corporate Identity Development

When working on a client’s Corporate Identity one should have a holistic approach to the process. Listen to what the client wants and needs and guide them towards the end result which will benefit their brand in the long run. The designer must make sure they have strong logo image that can be applied to various stationary and applications throughout the whole range of brand possibilities.

The client’s logo should be strong, easily recognizable and adaptable to different applications and formats. Below is a few examples of this principle, where you can see how the logo was used on business cards, email signatures, Power point slide template as well as a informative flyer.

The client now has a whole arsenal of visual branding tools to use at their disposal going forward in developing and growing their company’s corporate brand identity.

Click here to see another corporate identity project we did for a completely different company.

Corporate Identity Development

retractable banner

Retractable banner design

A retractable banner is like a shopfront display and should act the part. Therefore it is important that the retractable banner should be professionally designed.

My client needed a retractable banner for their company that highlights what they offer their clients in a visually striking way that also fits in with their corporate identity.

retractable banner

I worked along the look and feel guidelines that they requested and made a print ready banner for them.

I believe they were very happy with the end result and am sure that the pull-out banner will have a positive impact for their marketing and display purposes.

Such retractable banners can be displayed at expo’s, events, talks or in-house and helps to showcase clients and potential clients what you offer.

Your displays don’t need to stop there! Have a look what we did for this client!

retractable banner

industrial engineering, Stellenbosch

Industrial Engineering US

Industrial engineering – an exciting field of study at many a worthy university and in this case Stellenbosch University. How do they market their course? How do interested people and potential Stellenbosch students know what to expect or who’s involved? Well, they have their own website and pamphlets and student prospectus etc. But one crucial element that’s needed to spice things up is photographs or excellent graphics.

This is why this photography project was commissioned in order to provide them with a whole stock library that the Industrial Engineering department can use in their various marketing and communication mediums to showcase visually.

Such photographs make a handy tool in the arsenal of any establishment’s marketing, public relations or media department. Click here for another example of stock library photos for an establishment.

roofing project

Roofing Project

When I photographed this Cape Town roofing project, I soon realised that this construction project is probably the most impressive school building I have ever seen and will see in a long time. The company that does the work on the roof has done an excellent job as you can see for yourself. It was a photographer’s dream to capture all the lines and angles that is evident on this site, where photographic opportunities presented themselves around every corner.

These photos are part of a visual documentation tool that documents the progression of this fascinating construction project and keep it on the record for their portfolio and as a tool for any visual marketing needs in the future. Here you can see a similar project we photographed for another roofing company and another approach to construction / renovation branding projects.