Zanzibar travel photography

ZANZIBAR – Travel Photography

Just before our winter kicked off, I found myself as a travel photographer on the tropical Zanzibar Island, off the coast of east Africa to catch a last bit of sun before heading back to the Cape of Storms.

Zanzibar has ample opportunities for a travel photographer. These photo opportunities revealed themselves around every bend from the crystal clear waters on the reef to the Middle Eastern style architecture, from the amazing woodwork on the doors of some of the buildings in stone town to the everyday life of the very friendly people living on the island.

I was privileged to have a photography student / padawan / willing model / and a great companion accompany me on this journey. Thank you very much Carmeni for your help. Together, we had a great photographic adventure and more than enough time to enjoy the trip as well. We captured the beauty of the island whilst enjoying a few Dawa cocktails on the way!