Fashion Photo Shoot – Roots & Fiction

Chance brought this talented fashion designer from the Netherlands across my path. After discussions, location scouting and a drink we came up with the following photo shoot for her new fashion range called Roots & Fiction. This line consists of exclusively designed, double-sided miniskirts, for the ‘flamboyant 21st century femme’. These skirts are wearable inside and out, outside for happy colours and a more naughty vibe on the inside. A big thank you to the support team who made this photo shoot possible – we had a lot of fun! Have a look at Devina’s webpage for more info:





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  1. Devina
    Devina says:

    Wooppp Woopp Thankk U Again to be a part of my journey and to make it happen!!!

    WOW Wonderfull pictures, So gratefull!!!

    Happy day mr Photographer…

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