deep sea trawling stock photos

Deep Sea Trawling stock photos

As an adventurous man, I could not turn down the opportunity when asked to go out on a deep sea trawler and capturing stock photos of the life of the fishermen and their work environment. One really gets a lot of respect for them when you witness first-hand how it is to live and work on the deep sea trawlers. Although commercial deep sea fishing has come a long way with regards to the technology used on the vessels, it still is an arduous job that comes with its set of dangers around every corner. Deep sea trawling is not for the faint hearted! Thanks to the captain and the crew for their hospitality and for their willingness to be documented.

Stock photos like these are ideal for a company to have in their arsenal of marketing material. The reasons are that the company can use these photos on their website, brochures, banner and even in the foyer to show clients and customers what they do and how they do it.

Rikki & Caley special day

Herewith a little preview to showcase a very special day in the lives of Rikki and Caley. You can see for yourself that it was a day filled with fun and laughter and it can be attributed to the sparkling personality of these two people and the warmth of their friends and family. Special thanks to Yolande from YSP, whom I helped out, for this opportunity.



Nikkah – the uniting

Here’s a few of the wedding photographs that was captured whilst second shooting for Picturess during the Nikkah ceremony and the groom getting ready on a beautiful Cape Town spring day.

It was a wonderful experience to share this part of the special day with the family and friends and capture these moments with them at the house and the mosque.


Durbanville matric photos

Durbanville Matric Photos

Time flies – especially high school! This was once again the case with this group of matrics that had their Durbanville matric photos and got together for a few photos beforehand. I was asked to capture the photos for Louw and Carla who really seemed excited for the event. I’m sure they’ll agree that these photos are worth keeping and looking at for years to come.

Herewith some of our other People Photos.

Construction photography

Construction Stock photography

This construction company asked me to take some stock photography photos of their operations and tools so that it can be used in future marketing and branding related projects.

The photographs were used in a promotional booklet, e-flyer, and their website – truly a very useful tool to be used in promotional material.

Do you perhaps have a construction company? Renovating services? Building contractor? You want to show your clients what you do or have done in the past. But alas, you only have your old cellphone photos of the operations. Sorry, not good enough. Have a look at these photos that we can offer your company. These photos can be used on websites, corporate folders, flyers, signage boards etc.

If you offer professional services – why not showcase it professionally?


Pop-up dinner

Pop-up – Christmas in July

Christmas arrived early this year in the form of a Pop-up dinner evening – and what a beautiful evening it was. The evening was filled with superb wines, excellent food, good laughs and ambiance. The reason for this winter gathering was another exclusive pop-up event by The Pot and Spoon in coordination with Braai Country.

The Pop-up evening was hosted by winemaker Dirk Roos on the rustic Mooiplaas wine estate. The guests were welcomed by some mulled wine in the tasting room and led to the long table in the historical manor house where Chef Jaco’s six course dinner was served and paired with the farm’s excellent Mooiplaas wines.

It was an evening for the books and one that all the guests will surely remember. I had the privilege to attend and capture this memorable event and even sneak taste some of the food from the kitchen. What a bargain. Be sure to look out for the next Pop-up event by following Chef Jaco from the Pot and Spoon and Braai Country on Facebook.

Have a look at our other photographs to see what we can do!

Pixel Revelation

Showcasing your work

I was asked to capture some professional photos for Pitch45 on one of their projects in Stellenbosch. As you can see, Pitch45 did an amazing job on the carpentry in and around this beautiful house and the photos prove this. The photographs also serves as a portfolio of work for Pitch45 to attract more potential clients. Do you have any products or services that needs to be shown to your clients? Pop us a mail!

Crest lecture

Crest Lecture

When you have top specialists in their respective fields facilitating a Crest lecture in South Africa – it needs to be captured. With camera at the ready and trying to be a fly on the wall and not interfere with the lecture in progress, I captured the essence of these events for my client.

Photos such as these are great for all the participants to see, but the client will also use them as stock imagery for future promotional material in flyers, brochures or websites. Instead of using generic stock photos, these photos will be relevant and personal in the client’s future visual communication. Keep this in mind when you next host or organize a function, lecture or corporate event – that professional quality photos can be used for a lot more than just Facebook tags of the attendees.

New Venture Creation I&J

New Venture Creation I&J Learnership

The New Venture Creation for the Disabled (NVC) Learnership was made possible by the efforts, the time and the resources of I&J, TETA and O.P.I. as well as the will power and determination that came from these upcoming entrepreneurs. It wasn’t easy, but these learners completed their course and were photographed during the certificate handover.

If they can accomplish this, whats keeping us back?

seavuna learnership

SeaVuna Learnership Program

Seavuna learnership – Manufacturing Management NQF 4 learners from Seavuna fishing company, photographed during their presentations on their workplace assignments focusing on performance improvement. The training was provided by Operational Process Improvements for the benefit of these Seavuna learners who are keen to attain extra knowledge in the workplace and personal development. This learnership was also made possible with the support of TETA (Transport Education Training Authority).

These photos captured all the participants and can be used by the company for their newsletters and staff – client communications.